About Deby

Deby is no stranger to massage therapy.  She was in practice for over nine years before taking a hiatus to explore other opportunities that drew her attention.  However, she found herself drawn back to massage therapy with a renewed passion and understanding of what truly drives her.  “I am passionate about helping others through the gift of massage. It’s what I was created to do.”

She will partner with you for healing touch, stress reduction, relaxation, reducing muscle tension, increasing range of motion, reducing pain and overcoming compensatory patterns developed from trauma, repetitive use, wear & tear, poor structural alignment, and stress, She is very intuitive, and pulls from a large tool box to create a custom fusion of massage techniques based on your expressed need & her skill, experience & intuition. Deby’s passions also include exploring & hiking the beautiful Pacific Northwest, gardening, cooking, her dogs and of course her husband and two grown children.